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Re: [rhelv5-list] RHEL5 and missing files using automount and ssh annoing password queries

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 09:40:18AM -0600, Paul Krizak wrote:
> If you're logging *into* a RHEL5.1 system with the "stock" kernel, then 
> you'll see this problem because the first time your home directory tries to 
> mount (to read the .ssh dir to get the keys) you get the ENOENT error 
>> from the kernel and so ssh is falling back to password mode.  The retry 
> works because the second mount attempt works fine.

on 5.0:
we didn't have the ssh login problem (with asking for password),
but the problem with missing files using nfs and automount.
The nfs problems increased after update to 5.1, so, we get problems
with ssh.

> Upgrade your 5.1 system's kernel to 2.6.18-53.1.4 or later and the problem
> should go away.

we've upgrade the 5.1 box to the kernel to 53.1.4 (as suggested by Ian Kent) 
and the nfs and ssh problems seem to be passed away, for now. 
We have to keep an eye on it for a few days to be sure.

> If you're seeing this problem logging *into* a RHEL5.0 system, then this 
> may be some other issue, because 5.0 did not have the particular bug 
> mentioned above.  But 5.0 was pretty sketchy, IMHO.  NFS/autofs problems, 
> Xen problems, etc.  I'm avoiding 5.0 and starting out with 5.1 directly 
> (with the updated -53.1.4 kernel).

no, on 5.0 we had only the "missing files" problem with nfs/automount.

with best regards

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