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[rhelv5-list] Upgrading packages from other sources; e.g. dovecot


the latest version of dovecot in RH El 5.1 is 1.0 Releas 1.2.rc15.el5
which is somehow "old". As I do have problems debugging one problem, I
asked on the dovecot mailinglist for support and thay recomend to update
to a newer version.

So how to procede? I have tried to rebuild the Fedora Core 8 Dovecot RPM
dovecot-1.0.7-2 without errors; but will an installation of this package
break something in the RH configuration?

BTW: What is the red hat's path to update packages like dovecot?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Regards Götz
Götz Reinicke
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