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Re: [rhelv5-list] Upgrading packages from other sources; e.g. dovecot

Götz Reinicke wrote:
shrek-m gmx de schrieb:
Götz Reinicke schrieb:
shrek-m gmx de schrieb:
Götz Reinicke schrieb:

the latest version of dovecot in RH El 5.1 is 1.0 Releas 1.2.rc15.el5
[...] As I do have problems debugging one problem
and what is the problem ?
Some users do get mails ithe the messag attached as an avi-file from our
voicebox-server, some users don't receive the  mails anymore. sendmail
receives and delivers the mails so far.

All other mails could be received fine so far.
  procmail or
  ix-spamfilter or
  spamassassin or
  mailscanner or
  antivirus or

are really not the problem ?

may be yes, may be no. The user dose got the mails until tree days ago
and we didn't changed the settimgs for the tools you mention.

And the question was: how to debug and upgrade dovecot, not the other tools.

I would have thought the first thing to do is to identify where the problem is.

Why do you think it's with dovecot?

I don't use sendmail any more and am net very expert with it, but I think it feeds mail into procmail.

Why not make procmail log what it's doing, so you can see where the mail goes next?

Log there too.

If dovecot isn't getting the mail, you can hardly blame it for not storing it!

_my_ mail set up can deliver to any of three users' folders:
Spam for stuff about penile enhancements, pharmaceuticals, notices from financial institutions and the like.

Windwoes for email which seems to contain attachments that could do bad things on Windows. This includes *.{doc,ppt,xls}

Everything else goes into users' regular inbox.

Is your mail setup doing something similar?

your posting "Subject: [rhelv5-list] Black lists and blocked good users - sendmail, SA and MailScanner"

Other problem, which was resolved last week.

Correctly? I didn't follow that thread, but an error there could well result in lost mail.

It's the first thing _I_'d be looking at.



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