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RE: [rhelv5-list] named (dns) crashing

Hi David,

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From: David Richards [mailto:davidr skyforge net] 
Sent: 14 December 2007 11:15
To: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) discussion mailing-list
Subject: [rhelv5-list] named (dns) crashing

> Also when this server died, people from the outside were not able to 
> access our sites/services, even tho we have 2 dns servers. So my other 
> question is how come the
> other dns server didn't answer their queries.

Use www.dnsreport.com to check on your domain status regarding DNS.  Were the websites running on the same box as the DNS server also?  Even if both DNS servers went down, people should still be able to get to your website if the records were cached in another resolver - this is especially true if the records have long TTL values, and they have visited the site before, or are using DNS servers with large caches (eg some large ISP DNS resolvers).


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