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RE: [rhelv5-list] automount issues in EL5

Without tons of testing, it appears upgrading to 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5PAE
seemed to fix the problem. Will this most likely be added to update 2 do
you suppose?

Thanks a bunch

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On Dec 14, 2007 8:27 AM, Roger Leonard <roger leonard ericsson com>
> I have upgraded several of my Dell servers to EL5 from 3 and 4 and am
> noticing that on the EL5 machines the automounts fail the first time
> "so such file or directory"  but then they will mount.  This is the
> change I made to the servers and the network is rock solid GigE to a
> with only one switch hop and no routing.  These servers and netapp are
on a
> stable sun-based NIS environment and I do not see any other
indications of
> network issues.  I have the latest updates a/o a week or so ago.  Does
> anyone have any idea why this is happening now?

There was a thread earlier this month which you can find here:
"RHEL5 and missing files using automount and ssh annoing password

Unfortunately I'm not having any problems here, so I'm not much help.
I did notice that both you and Peter Sobisch are using NIS, while I have
LDAP, but that might be a red herring. Anything in /var/log/messages
when automount starts up or fails to mount something?

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