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Re: [rhelv5-list] spamassassasin delete spam howto

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Thank you but that is not my problem.
I know how to set up "stars".
I dont know how to delete spams before client get them...

solarflow99 wrote:

On 12/17/07, info qbit gr <info qbit gr> wrote:
Hello list.
I have installed spamassassin in procmailrc an I wonder how to
automatically delete spam emails with score > lets say 15.
In other installations on Fedora I user -r flag of spamass-milter.
How can I do this without milter?
Thank you

There is a way with the spam score using the stars, you'll see emails have a star for each point in the header.  Its just a simple recipe and it should work well.
hope this helps..


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