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Re: [rhelv5-list] A way to 'yum' in the kernel source

Ben wrote:
So you're saying you don't need the kernel source (i.e. only devel and headers packages) for el2.1 and el3? Curious.
No. I'm saying that on el2 and el3 you have "proper" kernel-source packages and so it's easy to build it there. Also given that a build on el3 seems to work fine on el4 then it might be easier to just build on el3 and be done with it.

>  I said with my initial
post (I think) it's easy to get the el4 kernel source sorted in an automatable manner:

That's what I consider jumping through hoops and there's no way to put that into a src.rpm that can be rebuilt inside a buildroot with mock or similar. I whipped up an rpmforge compatible specfile for mpt-status 1.2.0 but since it's not possible to build on el4+ due to the above requirement I probably won't bother submitting it to the project.

Well my target OS is el5 (32 and 64 bit) rather than el4, but they're both 2.6 kernels so you may be right.
I just tested my el3.i386 build on a fully updated CentOS 5.1 machine and it works just fine.
This was on a Dell PE1955 blade with LSI 1068 SAS controller.


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