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RE: [rhelv5-list] Tale of 2 nic cards

Bill Watson wrote:
> I'm looking for further things I can do to troubleshoot my network 
> issue. Basically I have 2 NIC's on my motherboard - one for LAN one 
> for WAN. When I reboot my server, the WAN (eth0) comes up, but the LAN 
> does not. In the ifconfig info, the inet address for the LAN does not 
> show. I type ifup eth1 and all is OK. ONBOOT=yes is set for both. The 
> one that doesn't come up also has an entry for NETWORK and BROADCAST. 
> Since everything was set from the GUI network config or the install 
> DVD, I'm not sure why eth0 doesn't have these values. Currently eth1 
> does not have a gateway set, but earlier tests that also lit one lan 
> at a time did have it set - no difference. All I can think of listing 
> is shown below my sig.

Check the configuration on the LAN switch port that you plug into.  If
spanning tree is enabled, the switch will wait about 40 seconds after
startup before
allowing regular traffic to flow.   So it fails at boot, but works later on.
If this is it, a couple ways to fix it:
   1) try to config the switch port for "fast spanning tree" (might work)
   2) turn off spanning tree on that switch port (will work - just don't
      any network loops)
   3) Hook a cheap hub between the switch and host.  The hub keeps the
      connection up, so the switch doesn't see that the host rebooted.

Hope this helps.

The LAN is plugged into an unmanaged gigabit switch made by Dell -
Powerconnect 2708 if that matters. There is a light that is unlit for
management. To further confirm I plugged the LAN port into a 10/100 netgear
unmanaged switch and the symptoms remained consistent as detailed above.
Thanks for the help try!
Bill Watson
bill magicdigits com
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