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RE: [rhelv5-list] Tale of 2 nic cards

On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 09:07 -0800, Bill Watson wrote:
> I'm looking for further things I can do to troubleshoot my network issue.
> Basically I have 2 NIC's on my motherboard - one for LAN one for WAN. When I
> reboot my server, the WAN (eth0) comes up, but the LAN does not. In the
> ifconfig info, the inet address for the LAN does not show. I type ifup eth1
> and all is OK. ONBOOT=yes is set for both. The one that doesn't come up also
> has an entry for NETWORK and BROADCAST. Since everything was set from the
> GUI network config or the install DVD, I'm not sure why eth0 doesn't have
> these values. Currently eth1 does not have a gateway set, but earlier tests
> that also lit one lan at a time did have it set - no difference. All I can
> think of listing is shown below my sig.


You posted tons of info, but the most useful might be the output that
you see during startup when the init scripts attempt to start the
interfaces.  Do they report success or failure?  Do they spit out any

What happens if you run "service network restart"?  Do both interfaces
go down and start back up or does eth1 fail in that case as well?  Any
error messages?  Can you post the output of this command?


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