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[rhelv5-list] missing automount entries under rhel5.1 with updates


I'm using RHEL5.1 with updates as of about a week ago with a large-ish
(6500+ entries) auto.direct map. Browsing is enabled so I see 940-odd
subdirectories under my mount point, with the balance of the entries
being beneath those top-level directories.

I've upgraded my kickstart tree since 5.1 to address the automount
problems in that release (see RH Bugzilla 371341). I'm now running
kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5 and autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.55.

My problem now is that the direct map mount point (/prj) is 'leaking'
entries: after a reboot I'll see my 940-odd directories. But within a
few hours the subdirectories begin to fall out, sometimes leaving only
50-100 entries. Trying to cd into a missing directory gets a 'no such
diretory'. A reboot will put all the entries back for a few hours.

Previous releases (RHEL5 GA, kernel 2.6.18-8.el5xen and
autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.42, for example) do not have this problem. I have a
guest with 120 days uptime that still sees all the subdirs under /prj.

Has anyone else seen problems like this? I'm not seeing any new
Bugzilla entries that look similiar. 


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