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Re: [rhelv5-list] symlinks in /dev, device-mapper and udev

Shane Williams wrote:
We're moving a server from RHEL3 to RHEL5 (migrating to a fresh
install, not upgrading).  On the RHEL3 server, I created links in /dev
so that our LVM managed partitions would have more "human readable"
names, primarily so that everyday users could check quotas, or disk
usage without having to understand anything about LVM, partitions, etc.

Now, with udev, any manually created symlink goes away on a reboot, so
I can't just use "ln -s /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01 /dev/home_volume"
like I did in RHEL3.  No problem, I think, it's just a matter of
creating some local udev rules with SYMLINK Commands.  BUT, since
RHEL5 uses device-mapper to manage LVM partitions, and very
specifically ignores these devices in udev (apparently due to a race
condition), that doesn't work either.

So, does anyone have a way that I can create something like
/dev/home_volume that points to /dev/mapper/whatever, and does it in a
way so that when a user runs "quota -v" or "df -k" they see
/dev/home_volume instead?  Alternately, can someone point me to some
decent documentation for device-mapper.  I can't seem to find much
more than the man page talks about.

Never thought I'd long for the days of a static /dev...

As a different approach, you could create the volume group with a meaningful name, ditto for the logical volumes.

For example, you could create the volume group as HomeVG instead of as VolGroup01.


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