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Re: [rhelv5-list] freebsd+rhel5

No I am not using kickstart but can give a try ,
I have two hdd's on this pc. second is for saving data. first hdd I
use for operating systems.

I want to avoid formatting my FreeBSD OS every time I upgrade rhel or fedora.

found this man page
ignoredisk --drives=drive1,drive2,...

can the same thing work for partitions over one hard disk instead of
ignoring disk devices?

Anuj Singh "anugunj"

On Dec 30, 2007 8:28 PM, Hugh Brown <hbrown divms uiowa edu> wrote:
> If you install via kickstart you can set ignore-drives=hdc in the

> kickstart file.
> There might also be a variable that you can append at boot time as well.
>   I'd check the RH5 installation guide on their docs page.
> अनुज wrote:
> > Hello ,
> > I have freebsd6.2 installed with Fedora core 7 and rhe4.
> > I am installing rhel5 , when installation process starts I get an
> > error of /dev/hdc1 busy , can not report to kernel about partition
> > layout. In the past I installed linux then FreeBSD.
> > Is there some method that rhel5 installation can skip /dev/hdc1
> > (freebsd slice) ?
> > regards
> > Anuj Singh.
> >
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