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Re: [rhelv5-list] How to keep current release level.

I don't see why 5.1 can't just be used.  Is there really enough difference that you know of thats stopping you?

On Dec 30, 2007 7:41 PM, Sharpe, Sam J < sam sharpe imperial ac uk> wrote:

> I've recently installed RHEL5.0 on 15 Fujitsu RX200S3 boxes.
> For reasons of support (Fujitsu Computer Systems does not
> support RHEL5.1 yet), I need to keep the systems at release
> level 5.0. I want to update the boxes to the most current
> pkgs within release 5.0. Is there a way to configure yum
> to update *within* the current release level but *not* to
> upgrade to 5.1?

There is no such thing at the moment (at least not that I can
see in RHN). As soon as you add a single update, it is no longer
technically 5.0, it is e.g.

There was lots of talk about having separate update channels for
each point release, such that you could have a system subscribed
to the 4.2.X updates channel and it would be RHEL4.2 with
critical updates only. A vendor could then choose to support
e.g. RHEL4.2.X

I haven't seen any sign of that system being introduced yet...
perhaps it is slated for a future release. I haven't been paying
any real attention as I'm very cavalier about feeding higher
point releases to other applications, doubtless someone else
will be more informative!

But anyway, the answer for you I think is no. You can install a
system at 5.0, but there is no route to get selective updates.


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