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Re: [rhelv5-list] DHCPD failover with IP reservation ?

On 7/3/07, FM <dist-list lexum umontreal ca> wrote:
All our workstations have fixed IP address using DHCP, all other
received an Dynamic IP.

DHCP failover works in such a situation.

Precisely, DHCP failover is applicable only to dynamic address pools.
Most of the precautions for multiple DHCP servers on a network segment
will apply
to DHCP failover peers, except for the pool sharing.

For example,
host declarations should be always synchronized with the other's, somehow.
Otherwise an unhappy client will get either the correct fixed address,
a wrong fixed address or a wrong dynamic one.

For failover dynamic pools, too,
DHCP failover expects the same configurations (other than failover peer
declarations) on both primary and secondary servers, for each pool.

I would like to create a dhcpd fail over server. I read this article :

You won't need SELinux workarounds there,
as Red Hat already fixed the problem for the current releases (both
RHEL4 and 5).

Note that the assigned port for DHCP failover is TCP 647,
whereas dhcpd.conf(5) illustrates 519 and 520.

The newest draft for DHCP failover protocol can be found at:

Suzuki Takashi

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