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Re: [rhelv5-list] Kickstart package selection takes a Loooong time in RHEL5?!

> Is it just me or is RHEL5 take a LONG time compared to
> RHEL4 during the package selection and the dependency
> resolution phase of the install? 
> IS this because whatever is being used now is not
> nearly as efficent as up2date was?
> I am also noticing a heavy cpu load by anaconda during
> this phase as well.
> Just curious if anyone has noticed this.
> I am doing kickstarts against a http server, and
> nearly identical install options, I am finding an
> install that used to take about 3-5 minutes in RHEL4
> total now is taking about 20 because of the very long
> package selection phase.
> Is there something I am not doing with RHEL5 that
> could speed this up?

Haven't noticed any significant install time increase, but I'm using 
NFS-isos as the install method. Yes it's a tad bit slower but nothing 
substantial. CPU-load is to be expected. I do strip 215 packages from 
rhel5 and 167 from rhel4 with kickstart.



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