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[rhelv5-list] Is there something like linuxconf or yast for RHEL around?

I've not touched redhat since 9.0 (except for fedora once or twice on
a laptop) but the other day I was doing some remote work in a fresh
new server and it's not that I don't know how to
add users etc by cli, but is there no longer a utility such as
"linuxconf"? Something like SuSE's "yast" from command line for
managing everything from users to services etc?

I know there's all the system-config-xxxxxx scripts, but those are all
GUI tools.

Just curious.

I know there's Webmin, but isn't there something made by redhat and
rolled out by redhat?

Also does anyone else think it odd that there's no in depth redhat
docs for command line administration of the server? I downloaded all
the docs, just to find out there mostly dumbed down simple
guides to using the GUI tools. WHAT!  Where's the good stuff?


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