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[rhelv5-list] XFS with RHEL5?


We're planning to setup a new backup server with an fibrechannel
connected storage array. The initial size of the array will be about
15TB with an estimated grow to about 50TB within the next few years.
The backup software (IBM Tivoli) does not have any problems with
handling so much space, however there is still the question of what
filesystem to use for the array.

Usually my server filesystem of choice is XFS (most servers being
Fedora), since ext3 has a very poor performance with large directories
as well as with some tasks like error recovery and formatting. Also
the size limitations of ext3 (the backup server is a x86 system) make
it pretty much impossible to use for this setup. Thus I'd like to
operate the array with XFS, but I could not find any mention of XFS
being available on RHEL5.

So my question: are there official XFS packages (kernel module and
tools) available for RHEL5? And if not, where could I get them and how
could I install them? Or is there any alternative filesystem included
with RHEL5 that can safely handle so much data?

Thanks in advance,

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