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[rhelv5-list] Plugging in a new monitor

Hi all,

I have an RHEL5 machine which had a working X11 config attached to an old CRT monitor.

The monitor has given up the ghost, so we tried to plug in an LG L1953T LCD display. Immediately we got the error "analog: out of range" on the monitor, which is not too much of a surprise, X in theory needs to be reconfigured.

Googling showed that we needed to run the following:

system-config-display --reconfig --noui

Trouble, is, this doesn't autodetect the monitor, and despite the updated xorg.conf file, the error remains.

It seems that RHEL5 is capable of autodetecting the monitor during initial system setup, but for the life of me I cannot find a way to redo the X configuration process after the fact?

Is reconfiguring Xwindows this difficult or am I missing something really obvious?

Does anyone know what command must be run to autodetect and set up X?


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