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Re: [rhelv5-list] Lines added to modprobe.conf

Gerrard Geldenhuis wrote:

The installer adds these lines to modprobe.conf when installing:

An IBM 336:

alias scsi_hostadapter mptbase

alias scsi_hostadapter1 mptspi

alias scsi_hostadapter2 ata_piix


alias scsi_hostadapter aic79xx

alias scsi_hostadapter1 ips

alias scsi_hostadapter2 ata_piix

HP GL 360:

alias scsi_hostadapter cciss

alias scsi_hostadapter1 ata_piix

What is the practical application of these aliases? I am deploying a
custom modprobe.conf file and having 3 different architectures
complicates things somewhat. I just need to know how much effort needs
to go into preserving these aliases.

I've been wondering about these recently, but lacking SCSI I've not attempted to figure it out.

It's the historical way to identify SCSI adaptors' drivers and goes back to the beginnings of Linux modules[1]. I'm sure it still works, but whether it's the only or best way, I wonder.

It might only be for convenience sake or it might be used by certain
software. Doing quick tests removing the entries completely have not
shown and adverse effects. However I did not test thoroughly at all.

The kernel uses it (or did) to identify, in order, your SCSI adaptors' drivers.

I expect that, without it, the SCSI adaptors will work if their driver is loaded. How they might be ordered is indeterminate (unless you know better) and might not be consistent.

[1] I'd not be surprised if it predates Linux modules, it might still have provided a means of ordering adaptors.

For a more definite answer, ask google and/or the LKML.



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