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Re: [rhelv5-list] Re: multipath.conf for IBM DS4300?

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 6:43 PM, Vanco Backup <vanco backup gmail com> wrote:
On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 9:59 AM, Vanco Backup <vanco backup gmail com> wrote:
> Anyone have a multipath.conf file for the DS4300 they'd care to share?
>  IBM has nothing.
> Al Gore's Interwebs have yielded the following:
> devices {
>       device
>       {
>               vendor                  "IBM.*"
>               product                 "1722-600"
>               path_grouping_policy    group_by_serial
>               path_checker            tur
>               path_selector           "round-robin 0"
>               prio_callout            "/sbin/mpath_prio_tpc /dev/%n"
>               failback                immediate
>               features                "1 queue_if_no_path"
>               no_path_retry           300
>       }
> }
> I mean - it _looks_ like it should work, just wanted to see if anyone
> had anything concrete (product ID - DS4300 Turbo aka dual controller).
>  It's been suggested by a RH tech that I need to include
> "'mpath_prio_rdac" - but it seems to me that's for configs using IBMs
> RDAC for multipath...  I know that the path checker option has to be
> "tur" - if set to failover (more of a default AFAIK) the controllers
> will thrash....

Well - the above is _sorta_ working.

I have 3 LUNs that I am multi-pathed to. One is the boot volume, the
other 2 are just general data stores.

The issues are that the multipath command returns nothing relating to
the boot volume.  I get output regarding the 2 data stores, but
nothing about the boot vol.
The system boots incredibly slowly early on just after udev loads (I
assume it's LVM looking for sigs on devices it shouldn't / shouldn't

In the "running" OS I added this:
 filter=["a/sda[1-15]$/", "r/sdb.*/", "r/sdc.*/", "r/sdd.*/",
"r/sde.*/", "r/sdf.*/", "r/ram.*/"]
...and vgdisplay, lvdisplay, and lvmdiskscan seem to work "faster",
but launching system-lvm-config results in it just sitting there and
doing something in the background for eternity....

Any time I scan the drives (with tools like fdisk and anything
relating to LVM) there's tons of errors in the messages file relating
to bad sectors on the "secondary" disks in the multipathed pairs.

working with a ds4700 and the default configuration for multipath, i had the file /var/log/messages full of errors about "link down/link up" paths.
I should to use "path_checker            directio" in multipath.conf (instead of the default readsector0), any suggestions?

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