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Re: [rhelv5-list] Question: VCS tuning on RHEL5

Hi Maarten,

I don't think there are any specific tunables for VCS on Linux but I mean VCS -only-. However, if you are using SFHA (VCS+VxVM+VxFS) then there tunables for vxfs, vxvm and DMP. The same holds true for other VCS platforms. I use SFHA on some RHEL 5 platforms and aside from carefully planning the SAN, we had no need to tune anything.

You might want to seek out the 'Best practices' for VCS on Linux by talking to Symantec, othwerise the general Best Practices for VCS apply: use 100-FDX links for Heart-Beat links unless using CFS or Oracle RAC in which case you'll want 1Gbps links for HB's, use VVR for geo-clusters, etc...


On Thu, 16 Oct 2008, Broekman, Maarten wrote:

Does anyone know of any OS tuning recommendations that should be made
when running VCS on RHEL5?  Symantec claims to not have any but they
also suggest getting advice from the OS vendor.  Does anyone on this
list use VCS on RHEL5 and, if so, have you found any OS parameters that
should be tuned in particular ways that are specific to VCS (or
clustering in general)?


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