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[rhelv5-list] Deleting a Profile from a License on RHN

I adopted, and now maintain, a database of rhel licenses for hundreds servers.  Being a dynamic environment, these servers may live for a few days, months or years.  As each server is provisioned, it registers itself on RHN using rhnreg_ks.  I have been told that "traditionally", the only way to delete a profile from a rhel license is to log into RHN and manage the license manually.  Is this truly the case? 

I recently ran an audit on server profiles and what we thought we were using for licenses.  It turns out that many of our licenses are associated to profiles that no longer exist.

Is there a way to perform the opposite of rhnreg_ks to remove a profile from a license?  This way, when a server is decommissioned, a separate process could delete the profile.

Is there a way for me to delete these profiles after the fact, i.e. to clean up my database of now non-existent profiles?


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