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Re: [rhelv5-list] Installation of java_ee_sdk-5_07-linux.bin fails onx86_64 Intel

Clark, Patti wrote:
You won't like the answer...go get the java directly from Sun.

What he's installing is definitely not from the extras channel so I'd say he already did.

 They are
the ones supplying the packages to the extras channel and they are the
ones that need to fix the problem.
I don't think SUN has anything to do with the packages in the extras channel. Those packages are based on a much improved fork of the JPackage java specs and they're maintained by a Redhat employee.

The time frame to fix is
indeterminate if it gets fixed at all.  There is no clear path to get
these things addressed.  The last time I tried,  I opened a ticket with
Red Hat, figured they knew who to contact, but I got a song and dance
answer about how these "extras" are provided by the vendor and not their

I've generally not had problems with the extras jdk packages and they're usually updated soon after an upstream release. I can understand if RH don't want to mess with bugfixing the software inside since it's based on a binary blob from the vendor, but they do take bugreports for issues related to the packaging.


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