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[rhelv5-list] request for correction on technote

Don, all (hope I'm sending to right person), 
I believe BZ443435 is already solved and the below should be removed? I was pinged by partner (Hitachi) that's bit concerned if this is not fixed yet. Could you consider removing it? 


If your system uses the TSC timer, the gettimeofday system call may move backwards. This is because of an overflow issue that causes the TSC timer to jump forward significantly in some cases; when this occurs, the TSC timer will correct itself, but will ultimately register a movement backwards in time.
This issue is particularly critical for time-sensitive systems, such as those used for transaction systems and databases. As such, if your system needs precision timing, Red Hat strongly recommends that you set the kernel to use another timer (for example, HPET). (BZ#443435) 

Umeya, Takuma
+81.3.5798.8584 (direct)
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