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Re: [rhelv5-list] RHEL documentation - generated from Fedora documentation


Wrongly filed bugs would definitely cause a delay.  :)

If the Installation_Guide component doesn't get you much traction (looks like you got an update from RHEL PM), try the Documentation component.  I currently have a bz option for clvm/cluster documentation and was requested to use the Documentaion component.

Hope this helps.

-- Robin

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 4:59 PM, Subhendu Ghosh <sghosh redhat com> wrote:
nodata wrote:
> Am 2010-01-06 21:54, schrieb Robin Price II:
>> Hmm, I can't access them.
>> If it matters, I would open up a case with Red Hat support, have them
>> create a support case, escalate, and link the case to the bugzilla.
>> This will get more eyes and carries more weight against a bug.
> There are no flags set on the bug: is this the case for all RHEL
> documentation bugs? If yes, this is having the opposite effect of what
> it should :/
> CCing John Ha (owner of the bug) to unhide it.

These bugs were filed under the wrong product and were not visible to the RHEL
team. Moved them over to RHEL5 and bugs are now public.

Thanks for reporting the documentation issues.


Subhendu Ghosh
Red Hat
Email: sghosh redhat com

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