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Re: [rhelv5-list] Sitting for the RHCE Exam

2010/1/13 Robert G. (Doc) Savage <dsavage peaknet net>:
> IMHO there are gaping holes in the RHCE program that are not taught in
> courses and not captured in the RHCE exam. SELinux is given the most
> superficial coverage. Backups aren't even mentioned. Nor are virtual
> machines or SANs unless they've been added recently. You'll have to
> learn about those on your own.

SELinux is covered at RHCA level:

VMs are covered in recent RHCE exams (not mine in 2005) - note Unit 1:

VMs are further covered at RHCA Level:

SANs are covered (at some level) in RHCA:

It's hard to cover "SAN" because Red Hat doesn't sell one. Multipath
is covered above, but apart from that, whose SAN do you suggest they
test on? HP? EMC? NetApp?

Backups... well... this is the same as SAN - whose backup? I like
Legato,  but CommVault is also nice. Does anyone in an "Enterprise"
use anything else?

I think your issue is that you are expecting too much from an RHCE
Certification. I for one found it pretty easy, but it's not there for
a personal challenge (that's what RHCA is for ;o) it's there as a
general certification!


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