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Re: [rhelv5-list] Sitting for the RHCE Exam

On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 23:54 +0000, Sam Sharpe wrote:
> Never heard of that one, but my point (which could have been explained
> better) is that Enterprise users use Enterprise Backup tools (Arkeia
> appears to be one ;o)... which aren't usually "free", aren't provided
> with RHEL and therefore aren't within Red Hat's training remit.

I would personally like to run an entire training lab on how it's
_never_ been disk v. tape and how it's about on-line + near-line +
off-line (all 3, no compromises) backup/recovery in the 21st century --
whatever (often multiple) technologies fit that.

People who argue only disk or only tape, and often limit their recovery
solution (e.g., putting fixed 3.5" disks off-line) are just asking for
issues.  It's something to look at from the on-line v. near-line v.
off-line standpoints -- not just "oh, we got a backup" solution aspect.

This is hardly something you can cover on an exam.  Best practices are
very difficult to cover, let alone they are fluid and change more often
than exams do.

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