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Re: [rhelv5-list] Sitting for the RHCE Exam

On Thu, 2010-01-14 at 00:57 +0000, Sam Sharpe wrote:
> Wow. Two degreed engineers talking. What are the chances? (Is yours in
> Electronic Engineering too?)

Yes.  UCF '97.

It used to be if someone had an IEEE address, you know they had to be at
least an upperclassman in an EE/ECE/CpE program.  But they dropped that
requirement turn-of-the-century IIRC.

> I was actually thinking more like...
> "This is what your SAR data looks like - loads of numbers you don't
> understand. No, please don't be scared, here let me make a pretty
> coloured graph for you. Look, you see that bit right there... that's
> you running out of memory. That dip there.. that's what happens when
> you get Out of Memory and I reboot your machine - yes you're right,
> you probably could use more memory, let me get someone to quote you on
> that"

Again, I would argue data visualization isn't for non-technical people.
Yes, you can use them to help discuss things with non-technical people
who wouldn't understand the axes, numbers or labels.  But it's often
used by, for and of technical people to concisely give a complete view
for analysis, baselines and trends.

Again, I'm sorry I nitpicked, but much of what I do is data
visualization for myself, as well as other, very technical people.  If
anyone "talked down to you" during the training, please let me know
that.  But visualization of data is very useful, even when you
understand the numbers.

And again, as an example, I can see differentials (change in rate) and
integrals (area under graph) much faster than looking at numbers and
trying to fit a system of equations to explain them (even if I do that

> Our bandwidth graphs in the customer portal I think use mtrr, I
> wouldn't know about monitoring graphs - we don't offer that in my
> division. There's about 2500 employees and I'm not the one in charge
> of monitoring anyway ;o)

Most shops and even common, existing solutions use mtrr to generate
graphs for HTML presentation.

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