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Re: [rhelv5-list] collecting process information help

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Subject: [rhelv5-list] collecting process information help

On Tue, 25 May 2010, Blackburn, Marvin wrote:

> Does anyone have an suggestions?

I would stat by intalling and enabling the 'sysstat' package 
and looking to 'narrow down' when issues are occurring, as it 
provides a 'flight recorder'.

With time information in hand, then, to the log files, and 
also possibly write a process table 'snapshotter' that saves 
well named snapshots of what was happening

-- Russ herrold


I appreciate the response.  It's the process table "snapshotter" type 
of thing I was looking for.  I could do some scripting, but I was hoping
there was something canned, as it would likely have more features than I
have time to write.  

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