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[rhelv5-list] Near Real-Time RSYNC with NFS

Its been a while since I posted here J


I have an interesting problem where I need to rsync an nfs mount to another server in a different datacenter continuously with least time lapse possible. Needless to say, NFS server is an appliance that currently has issues with replication and I have no root access (i.e. EMC Cellera). The share contains 20 million files – so you can imagine rsync will take a bit of time to analyze and build a file list – it took 8 hours previously + 24 hours on actual sync.


My goal is to speed up the transfers going forward on changed files. Setup is as follows:


Source: host1:/nfs_mount

Destination: host2:/nfs_mount


Possible solutions I’ve seen thus far was rsync and inotify. Rsync is tricky thing when you have 20m files and analyzing all files that have changed via cron, is not what I think is ideal solution. Inotify – I have not yet tried, but it sounds like it only supports local file systems (ext3+), though I do see some posts that it may support nfs v4 mounts.


What would you recommend to keep the 2 shares in sync with least time lapse (open source realm)? Has anyone had success with inotify on nfs share?


Looking forward to your comments,





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