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[rhelv6-beta-list] RHEL 6 beta 2 bittorrent download stats so far

Hi all,

Just as a matter of interest, these are the # of downloads for the RHEL 6 beta 2 .torrent files so far:

  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-Workstation-i386-DVD1.iso.torrent    181
  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-Workstation-x86_64-DVD1.iso.torrent  206
  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-Server-i386-DVD1.iso.torrent          90
  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-Server-x86_64-DVD1.iso.torrent       187
  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-SRPMS-DVD1.iso.torrent                 8
  RHEL6.0-20100622.1-SRPMS-DVD2.iso.torrent                 9

It's not a count of the actual # of full ISO downloads. It's just the bittorrent files people can use to then do a (much faster) download of the ISO files.

The initial seeding took under 1/2 terabyte of data before it was reliably self-sustaining, apart from the SRPMS which have really low demand thus far.

Hope that's useful info. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Salasaga  -  Open Source eLearning IDE

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