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[rhelv6-beta-list] network errors during kickstart

Since beta 2 we encounter one error on every kickstart install. This prevents us from performing the fully automated installs we require, as somebody has to manually select 'retry'.
Has anybody else these errors?
Is there any switch which could be used to automatically retry instead of waiting for an admin to select 'retry'?

What happens is:
- we PXE boot
- kickstart and channels are accessed via http
- while in the stage "Starting installation process", there will always be exactly one rpm package (not always the same) with the following error: "The file xxxx.rpm cannot be opened. This is due to a missing file, a corrupt package or corrupt media..."
- selecting retry works fine and the installation continues
- 30 seconds before this error occurs, we see in the webserver logs, that last request for partial of this file (status code 206)
- at the time this occurrs we see syslog messages from the machine being installed saying it timed out on the file

We don't think this is a problem with the webserver, network or the like, as it happens always with RHEL6b2 and never with RHEL4/5 F13, using the same installation infrastructure and even running at the same time.



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