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Re: [rhelv6-beta-list] When will Beta 2 for the powerpc be released.

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 12:07 PM, Scott Dowdle <dowdle montanalinux org> wrote:

> I doubt Red Hat has much interest in keeping PowerPC as a supported platform in the upcoming RHEL6 rlease.  I believe they already dropped the Itanium.

PPC is not a viable workstation platform any longer. PPC of Server has
been released - see

PPC on the server is still alive and well, there's a bunch of
installed base of IBM pSeries machines that people want to migrate off
of AIX, but that hardware is both performant, large (in terms of core
count, etc - check out a p590), and expensive, not to mention the
impact of the endianess of the arch. Linux on PPC provides a smoother
migration path for these apps.

I suspect by RHEL 7, with larger x86 systems starting to come into
their own now (Nehalem EX, Magny-Cours - who thought even a few years
ago that you'd be able to get 48 cores and 8 NUMA nodes into a 2U box
for ~$30K list?, Sandy Bridges whenever that comes out), the use case
on the server side will gradually diminish as well.

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