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[rhelv6-beta-list] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2 refresh is now available

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2 refresh is now available for

This milestone updates the functionality delivered in Beta 2 last
month by providing updated packages and associated media kits
containing fixes to issues reported by our partners, Beta and
upstream community members and internal Red Hat testing.

Our intent in providing an update is to ensure that users are
testing with the most current packages and are validating issues
that have been fixed since prior builds.

Kernel and user-space components have undergone some updates since
the last Beta milestone was released last month.

Kernel         The kernel includes many updates to address
              improvements in networking, virtualization,
              file-system, storage and security. Includes fixes
              for Transparent Huge Pages usage when running on
              Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and backported KVM
              fixes in vhost-net, virtio ballon driver to address
              memory leak and incorrect ioctl return values. Many
              updates to networking and storage drivers and fixes
to address performance issues.
User-space improvements include:

Documentation   man page updates for a significant portion of
               updated packages.

Installer       Better handling of error conditions, improvements
               to IPv6 configuration and general networking
               improvements; Support for multiple iSCSI disks and
               the ability to boot from LVM snapshot root volume
               is now available in dracut.

Networking      NetworkManager includes many improvements for
               wireless networking and fixes to many error
               conditions that impacted stability.

Clustering      Cluster schema additions made along with
               improvements to the quorum calculation algorithm.
               corosync has undergone heavy updates to address
               stability. Many user interface improvements and
               fixes made to luci for better usability.

Storage         lvm2 updates include the ability to remove volume
               groups with missing physical volumes (vgremove);
               changes to the startup script; changes to clvmd.

reporting       Updates to the ABRT UI and better support for
               plugins; many internal improvements to report.

Security        kerberos support improvments (krb5); connectivity
               improvements in SSSD; kernel keyring working as
               expected (also SSSD); SELinux updates; better
               handling of client certificates (certmonger); many
               fixes to openswan.

debugger        Numerous performance updates in gcc; improvements
               in gdb for supporting typedefs in classes;
               stability improvements.

Virtualization  Virt-Manager updates include ability to re-connect
               to serial console after reboot; Better support for
               NUMA; Fixed pool building for LVM/disk pools;
               fixes in device assignment; live migration
               improvements; ability to handle 16-bit color depth
               in spice; libvirt improvements include better
               configuration of storage and guests.

Printing        Improved lookup logic in cups; SNMP integration

Desktop         Many updates to X and dependencies; Ability to
               save GNOME sessions; better bluetooth support;
               support for media repositories; OpenOffice
               improvements; better support for UTF8 and general
               stability in Evolution client.

Please note that this list is intended to highlight the scope of
changes since Beta 2.  Please refer to the changelog for details
on all changes since Beta 2.

Packages and installable images (ISOs) are available via Red Hat
Network (RHN) for active subscribers.  In addition to RHN, this
refresh is also available via FTP (details below).

Current Beta users are strongly encouraged to do a fresh
installation to help validate newer functionality that has been
incorporated into the installer since the earlier Beta.

Please note that this is still early access software and is not
for use in production environments.  The Beta packages and
installation images are intended for testing purposes only.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is still in active development, and the
contents of the media kit and the implemented features are subject
to change.  The release is not formally supported and it will not
be possible to upgrade from the Beta to the final production
version.  Due to the incorporation of debugging features, this
Beta cannot be used for performance benchmarking and platform

To learn more about this release or to download the installation
kits, please visit the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta portal at:


The portal also provides details on how to report issues and
feedback to Red Hat.

Please be sure to periodically check the Red Hat blog for
articles on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The blog can be accessed


If you'd like to stay current with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
updates, we encourage you to subscribe to the following mailing

1.  Mailing list that provides general announcements related to
   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

2.  Mailing list to serve as a discussion list for Red Hat
   Enterprise Linux 6 beta(s).

Thank you for your continued support of Red Hat and your interest
in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta.  Your participation is
critical in ensuring that we deliver a high-quality release.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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