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Re: [rhelv6-beta-list] Installing Nvidia graphics drivers?

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Bryan J Smith <b j smith ieee org> wrote:
> Wouldn't the initrd need to be rebuilt for the blacklisting to take effect?

The Nvidia documentation referenced earlier has this section:

What if my initial ramdisk image contains Nouveau?
Some distributions, particularly recent Red Hat/Fedora distributions,
include Nouveau in an initial ramdisk image (henceforth referred to as
"initrd" in this document, and sometimes also known as "initramfs"),
so that Nouveau's kernel modeset can take place as early as possible
in the boot process. This poses an additional challenge to those who
wish to prevent the modeset from occurring, as the modeset will occur
while the system is executing within the initrd, before the directives
in /etc/modprobe.d are processed.

If you have an initrd which loads the Nouveau driver, you will
additionally need to ensure that Nouveau is disabled in the initrd. If
your initrd understands the rdblacklist parameter, you can add the
option rdblacklist=nouveau to your kernel's boot parameters. This
should be done in your bootloader's configuration file(s), so that the
option gets passed to your kernel every time the system is booted.
Please consult your distribution's documentation on how to configure
your bootloader, as different distributions use different
configuration files.

An alternative is to rebuild your initrd without Nouveau. If you
choose this option instead of configuring your bootloader, please
consult your distribution's documentation on how to rebuild the
initrd, as different distributions have different tools for building
and modifying the initrd.

Does initrd in RHEL support rdblacklist ? I am in the middle of testing ...


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