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Re: [rhelv6-beta-list] My first experiences with RHEL6 beta

James Findley <james findley trans-axion net> wrote:
> It's very possible you're the only person reading this list
> that cares at all about MS Virtual PC on windows XP.
> Here in the real world, we have some rather better
> virtualisation options open to us.

Not to cross anyone, but Red Hat could always use Bugzilla entries
on any and all utilization.  Even if the ultimate resolution is a
"WONTFIX" with an explanation of "Proprietary vendor not releasing
updates for legacy product and we don't have access to source code,"
it is at least there, documented in both customer usage and Red Hat

Microsoft is a partner for interoperability.

> No.  No they are not.  See above.  You seem to have missed
> something.  RHEL stands for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
> This is an operating system designed primary for servers,
> with X/destop bits included for corporate desktops or IT
> professionals.  It really isn't designed around you, personally.

I cannot speak for Red Hat, but Red Hat's current (and past) CEOs
have stated that Red Hat does not know how to make money on the
home consumer or non-enterprise Linux desktops.  But at the same
time, there is the duality with the Fedora Project.

So even if there is not a Red Hat(R) trademark slapped on to the
offering, there is the co-development of a desktop with the Fedora
Project(TM).  The line is just drawn on offerings, subscriptions,
service-level agreements (SLAs), etc...

There are still Red Hat employees working on a consumer desktop.
Last time I checked, Red Hat is still a massive contributor to
the various FreeDesktop components that make up even other distros
and vendors that have home consumer product offerings.

So, again, in any and all cases, it's very, very important to file
Bugzillas, or leverage your Premium/TAM support to file issues.
Red Hat wants to know about every issue.  Talking on-list may help,
but it doesn't task Red Hat engineering resources.  ;)

> Once again, this isn't "John Summerfield Linux"  Feel
> free to create that if you want.

At the same time, I do have to agree that "John Summerfield" might
be more than one user out there, in what they want.  Granted, the
usage might not be an economic interest for Red Hat, but that's not
what Bugzilla has been about at any time.

Red Hat offerings have always been built on people filing Bugzillas.
It pays real dividends for Red Hat to address Bugzillas that are even
from non-paying and users Red Hat will never profit from.  In case
you haven't notice, I'm mentioning Bugzilla like a broken record.  ;)

Which is what the primary focus is for a Beta release, getting _usable_
customer feedback.  Bugzilla _tasks_ Red Hat resources.  The mailing
list does not.  ;)

Bryan J  Smith             Professional, Technical Annoyance 
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