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Re: [rhelv6-list] New glibc and kerberos auth breakage?!

inode0 <inode0 gmail com> writes:

> So all of my RHEL6.3 boxes that use kerberos for authentication suffer
> breakage after updating glibc. Downgrading glibc* restores them to
> expected behavior. With the new glibc installed I have seen both
> gssapi-with-mic and password auth fail on ssh connections. Lots of
> spewage from pam about not being able to find users or resolve hosts.
> pam_succeed_if for instance can no longer find users not local to the
> machine.
> Has anyone else encountered anything like this with the recent update?

Just guessing... If you have IPv6 addresses in resolv.conf, you could
have been bitten by this rather nasty bug:


An errata was issued yesterday.

Trond H. Amundsen <t h amundsen usit uio no>
Center for Information Technology Services, University of Oslo

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