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Re: no ... *really* ... any ETA for updated beta?

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On 29 Aug 2003 01:44:55 +0200, Féliciano Matias wrote:

> Beta2 release date is not the point.
> What i don't like, is when RedHat says something and doesn't seem to do
> it.
> This hurt the RedHat brand image.
> RedHat claim to open the RHLP process but don't like some questions
> about this process. That's the problem.
> RedHat update http://rhl.redhat.com/ and everything is nice now.

You would also find reasons to complain if the initial content was
still there after a few weeks with the RHLP not proceeding at the pace
expected by you. Do you expect wonders? It takes time -- much time --
to complete wonders, especially during a beta cycle -- no, two beta
cycles even. And it doesn't look like you realize that.

Another thing is the difference between "rough plans" and "claims".
I'm sure that updated web pages will try to avoid misunderstandings in
several places with regard to Red Hat's plans. IMO, the initial
content at rhl.redhat.com was not detailed/complete enough to answer
all specific questions, such as what parts of the development were
planned to be opened when and at which level.

If you consider yourself a potential contributor or just someone who
is interested in following the RHLP, the most natural thing to do is
to participate in the beta program and don't lose contact with

Btw, I would not assume that a few users who bug Red Hat employees
continously with regard to the stalled rhl.redhat.com site are the
primary reason for today's update of the web pages.

That minor update doesn't change anything. It only asks you to
practice in patience for some additional time. And even if two third
of September 15th passed away without another update, please be

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