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Re: Kernel 2.6.x in next RHL version. (Was: Re: First message >:)).

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> Next release after this one, that's the intention.  The sooner 2.6.x
> is stable, the sooner we can do next release -- it could be a much
> shorter cycle than usual in order to incorporate the change.  We'll
> have to keep an eye on it.

Does this 2.4 kernel have the latest patches by Herbert Xu to the 
backported 2.5 IPsec stack? His patches add Opportunistic Encryption
support to af_key. It would be a good thing if 9.1's kernel would
support this. His code appeared in Dave Miller's 2.4 backport:




Another question I have is regarding DHCP. Michael Richardsen wrote
a patch for ISC's dhcpd that adds Opportunistic Encryption support
in dhcpd and dhclient. However, ISC dhcp isn't really well maintained
by Ted anymore, and the patches have been lying in the queue without
getting applied. Who should I talk to about getting this patch into
the RedHat package for ISC dhcp? This patch adds sending and receiving
oe-gateway and oe-key, which is used by the WaveSEC project to 
automaticly build IPsec tunnels and tunnel the default route through this
as a way of real 802.11x security, insted of the various incarnations of 



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