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Re: Kernel 2.6.x in next RHL version. (Was: Re: First message >:)).

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> As I've since mentioned in another post, Severn won't have ipsec
> patches added to the kernel.

Unfortunately, but alas. Everybody should just try and get things
together for the next release. Is contrib frozen for 9.1 as well?
> One of our objectives (see
> http://rhl.redhat.com/about/objectives.html
> for our current statement of our objectives -- we will probably refine
> it as we better express the shared expectations we have) is to generally
> push toward putting in changes upstream, rather than making Red Hat
> Linux a place to carry forks:

I can understand that. AFAIK, there are talks for Ted to step down for
someone else to take over ISC dhcp maintanance. I'll get in contact 
with those people.

Also Micahel Richardsen corrected me on the dhcp patches. There are
generic patches for the "require keyword" and for sending options
that are larger then 256 bytes, so they should benefit everyone, not
just the ipsec people.


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