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Re: error in release notes

Actually I thought the second example was legal but overkill. I thought
this was also legal.

printk("hello "

And technically I believe this is also legal although nasty to read when
indented because the second line cannot be indented in most cases.

printk("hello \

Of course, the first case you presented is and should be utterly illegal.

It's nice to see you here Alan.
{^_^}    Joanne "Somewhat crazed trying to avoid some real work" Dow
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Alan Cox" <alan redhat com>

> > My next question would be why is including a second older compiler
> > necessary?  I could understand it for the transition to 2.96, and then
> > to 3.2, but why is it necessary from 3.2.* to 3.3?
> Gcc 3.3 has an improved parser which rejects some borderline bogus
> constructs that gcc 3.2 permitted. The kernel like several other projects
> found it had a few of them. Most notably it used to accept
> printk("hello
> there\n");
> now it correctly requires
> printk("hello" \
> "there\n");
> The 2.4.22 kernel should have all these dealt with, and its very much a 
> case of a stricter compiler forcing us to clean up mess.

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