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Sorry for my poor English.

* Add bittorrent because it's the best way to grab RedHat Linux.

* http://rhl.redhat.com/ should follow w3c standards !
For a "quite" community project, it's a shame.

* Create a page of related projects that use RedHat Linux and/or don't
fit into the "Official" RedHat Linux :
- freshrpms
- fedora
- yellow dog Linux

* Create a directory for propriatory or free drivers easy to install in
RedHat Linux but not supported by RedHat.

* As a community project, can you *please* add mailing-list (only
rhl-list, beta, devel and so don't seem necessary) to Deutcsh, French,
Spanish, ... audience.

By the way can you at least translate some pages of
http://rhl.redhat.com/ . For example the home page, pages in the about
directory and participate/communicate/ .

This is very useful if a French man say "C'est quoi RedHat Linux ?"
(What is RedHat Linux ?) or "J'ai un problème, où je peux en parler" (I
have a problem, where can i tell about it ?).

It's a pity because documentations and its translation are of excellent

* Add to the FAQ  why there is no mp3/dvd support in RedHat Linux (in a
convincing way). it's one of favourites Mandrake/Debian user 
By the way, do the same by explaining why not providing apt or yum.

Féliciano Matias <feliciano matias free fr>

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