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Re: suggestions

On Monday 21 July 2003 23:55, Féliciano Matias wrote:
> * Add bittorrent because it's the best way to grab RedHat Linux.

They seem to be supporting the idea of pushing by BitTorrent so it's not all 
that unlikely I guess. I'm not aware of licensing issues. Things like this 
should also (and in BitTorrent's case probably already is) be filed as a 
RFE in Bugzilla.

> * Create a directory for propriatory or free drivers easy to install in
> RedHat Linux but not supported by RedHat.

RH's Objective statement on rhl.redhat.com states "Build the operating 
system exclusively from free software. "..

And I'd think this runs counter to that. The community will now have a bit 
more of a heads-up to prepare their own such packages, howtos, etc. but RH 
doesn't have to support it.

> * Add to the FAQ  why there is no mp3/dvd support in RedHat Linux (in a
> convincing way). it's one of favourites Mandrake/Debian user
> "running-gag".

The objectives and lists indicate they'll make it easier to get third-party 
unsupported/non-RH packages (of course details and timeline have to be 
worked out)..

> By the way, do the same by explaining why not providing apt or yum.

Besides the fact they maintain 'editorial' control and probably want to 
push/leverage RHN? There are other reasons (and some good ones at that)...


Just my $0.02. -Ali

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