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Re: opteron ?

Jesse Keating wrote:

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 00:06, James Ralston wrote:

If you want to build inexpensive AMD64 systems, wait until the Athlon
64 is launched. Opterons are all about building servers.

This is exactly the point though. $The_next_version will be used in many many places as a server, for heavy server duties. AMD64 isn't an option there, as it's a desktop processor. We have customers CURRENTLY that refuse to use SuSE and continue to use GinGin64 (Opteron compiled version of RHL9) even though there is no support and no errata because they want opterons, and they want Red Hat Linux as their server.

I think there is a potential userbase, but you can't get a userbase w/out a product. Chicken/Egg syndrome all over again *sigh*

I know *I* have video/image processing customers that would like to go Opteron but have held off because of this lack of support. I also customers who use their RH boxes as development servers/workstations who are very interested in Opteron but also holding off because of lack of support.

R.Parr, RHCE
Temporal Arts

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