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Re: SMB Printer

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 10:02:26AM -0700, Matt Whiteley wrote:

> I have a printer shared from a win98se box.  It is configured without a
> password.  It used to work in shrike but now when I try to add it
> nothing happens.
> Steps:
> Run the printing tool
> Select add printer
> Select smb printer
> Printer is found automagically
> Select printer
> User is asked for name and password
> This is where I tried everything I could think of.  It shouldn't need a
> password.  Selecting ok makes the box disappear and reappear.  Putting
> in the microsoft networking password with or without a user name doesn't
> work.  Any ideas?

It uses this command to determine whether the share is accessible:

smbclient //machine/share [passwd] [-W group] -N -P -c quit [-U user]

Does that command give any useful errors when you substitute in the
values you're using?


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