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RE: Severn install summary

Same thing here.  First boot it froze just after probing hardware.  Checking
the other consoles, it appeared to have stopped after enabling swap.  Reboot
fixed this.  I see that initial gui also runs on screen 8?  Is this new, or
just me?


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On 7/22/2003 12:28 PM, Jack Bowling wrote:

> Dumped Severn on one of my play boxes yesterday. Totally uneventful
> install. Congrats to all the crew. Some chagrin at not being allowed to
> set boot runlevel during the install but this release is newbie-ized to
> the extreme so I can see the rationale.

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of options as well, to iniitially 
define screen resolution, login type, etc. On the plus side, resolution is 
changable from the GUI.

> One glitch is that (as with thr RH9 beta) the first reboot after the
> install seems to hang on the kudzu probe. I booted rescue from the CD
> and killed kudzu and it proceeded fine after that. IIRC from the RH9
> beta, it really isn't hung but instead it is timing out on one of the
> services. I think it was CUPS then and possibly is now, too. No relevant
> feedback on the output VTs, sorry.

I found that simply rebooting did the trick, but had the same hang.

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