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Re: No Galeon?

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 14:07, Dams wrote:
> 1.3.7 is out. I packaged it too [1] for fedora but I dont dare submit it
> for QA as it is keeps crashing at startup... Is it just me.. ?
> 	D
> [1] http://download.fr.fedora.us/~anvil/fedora/
> Le mer 23/07/2003 à 07:53, Nils Philippsen a écrit :
> > I've put up Galeon 1.3.6 among other stuff (e.g. gimp-beta) on my
> > private page at http://lisas.de/~nils/redhat/severn/... "Once we figure
> > out how to incorporate external packages ..." I plan to get this in
> > (among many other things -- beware ;-).

I took my shot at 1.3.7, but can't try it out at the moment (happen to
not sit in front of the box). If you dare, grab the RPMs from the above
URL -- I left the 1.3.6 RPMs there if it fails and you want to revert.

Give me a shout whether this one behaves.

     Nils Philippsen    /    Red Hat    /    nphilipp redhat com
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