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Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical

> 1 - First I remember RH as the "Server Linux", then the "Desktop 
> Linux", then the "High End Enterprise Linux", and finally RH is now 
> trying to transform itself into all of the above while 
> simultaneously dropping all retail sales.  If an individual acted 
> this way, I would suspect multiple personalities.  You guys ought 
> to figure out exactly what it is that you do best, and then go all 
> out with it.

Don't read too much into the retail sales things. As to the other stuff
well in a sense trying to create a single base that was Community Linux
and Enterprise Linux is a multiple personality kind of problem. So we 
now have two animals one personality each

> 2 - I joined this list because I was invited by an e-mail from RH.  
> In that message, I was informed that RH was undergoing a paradigm 
> shift.  Specifically, the entire operations was going open source.  
> The Linux community would be helping with all package and design 
> decisions.  This gave me new hope for RH.  However, the attitude I 
> am reading here is "our way or the highway".  So exactly what is 
> going on?

Piece by piece yes. The split means people can now do things like put
Windowmaker back, or icewm, or add rox etc. 

Ironically this list is the wrong place to discuss a lot of the desktop
simplification, thats something the Gnome team themselves have decided to
do, along with building usability guidelines and human interface standards.
It has proved some interesting debates and a few fallbacks (such as the
emacs keys for gnome dialog editing option and sloppy focus support).

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