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RE: Also noticed

NVidia Geforce2 MX 200 with 64MB memory

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> X is using about 90+ MB of RAM according to system monitor. Is this
> because it aggregates all RAM usage of GUI programs, or is this also a
> bug.

X maps the video memory. So if you have a 64Mb video card it often
is that X is using 64Mb of video memory and then its own memory.

>      2. I think acme (the multimedia key daemon) should come standard.
>         lot of people, myself included, have multimedia keyboards, and
>         this is a great need.

[RFE it and I agree entirely]

>      7. Maybe its a gtk problem, but dragging borders is slow and
>         redraws pitifully slowly. This kills the desktop experience.

What video card are you using ?

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