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Re: gnome screenshot was [Graphical boot isn't so graphical]

Again sorry for the lack of threading...I'm on digest.

Maynard Kuona scribbled:
>I just wish it could have a delay though. For me to 'pose' before it
>takes the shot. But I think it is pretty adequate.

Unless something has changed in the beta (which i haven't installed
yet...i've been dealing with a memory program, bad ram, which is fixed
now so i'm diving into the beta soonish, how silly would i look trying
to run the beta on ram I know is bad)

gnome-panel-screenshot --help
Application options
  --window                               Grab a window instead of the
entire screen
  --delay=INT                            Take screenshot after specified
                                                     [in seconds]

And in fact the gnome help system (at least in rhl9) has a page for
gnome-panel-screenshot that goes over the options including running it
at the commandline to get to the delay feature.

So i guess the issue now is...what feature is worth having accessible
with a single click...and what features are best left for advanced users
as commandline options. Clearly the answer is not every feature of every
application needs to be gui-izable. But in this case, I don't have a
strong opinion on whether or not there needs to be a way to select a
window and a delay from the Actions menu. But consider this...wouldn't
you need to have a popup pane before you take the screenshot so you can
select delay or window mode....that complicates the process of just
taking a screenshot. Right now...you click a button, you get the
screenshot.  I don't think its unreasonable to have advanced users
diving to commandline to use delay and window features of this

-jef"9 out of 10 Helen's agree: nothing beats a good pair of

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